About School

Welcome To Govt High School

Govt High School is one of the Best Schools in Kisunpur, Tandwa - Unnao, believes in holistic education for your child, encompassing academics, character building, co-curricular activities, sports education and life skills learning.

Our Motto

Our School's Motto is "Service Before Self", which is a constant reminder that the well being and safety of others, always comes prior to our own welfare, comfort and securit

Why Choose Our College?

1. The School aims to develop, expand and nurture the capabilities underlying in the children.

2. It aims not to make a child literate only but helping it to become a whole person.

3. Co-curricular activities are the integral part for the all round development of the students.


Govt High School is an outstanding school with a tradition of excellence. We look forward to an exciting and successful year of learning and discovery. Education is our best hope and most effective sustainable development. Education helps children to develop their basic values, attitudes, skills, behavior’s and habits, which may be long lasting.

Education is about laying a sound intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and physical foundation for development and lifelong learning. It has an enormous potential in fostering values, attitudes, skills and behaviors that support holistic development of students. Educational achievement requires persistence, dedication and endeavors. The journey, we begin is Focused on delivering an academic programme that reaches out to alI of our students so that they can discover the true joy of learning.

As a responsible institution, our aim is on development of children as confident and articulate young people who are able to positively contribute as citizens in the modern world. We develop a high quality curriculum incorporating information technology so that children experience challenge and success at all age and developmental levels.

We will continue implementing innovative changes that are designed to move students forward. We sincerely hope that every student of ours will be able to tailor a rich, challenging and rewarding educational pathway that will broaden horizons, assisting them in attaining academic goals and achieve their maximum potential. Working together with you, we hope to provide a school environment that encourages the best in our entire students.